About Kettle Collective Architects

As a vibrant Edinburgh-based architecture studio, our team includes a range of architects, landscape architects, interior, urban and graphic designers. And as a result, hosts vast experience from working on projects around the world.

The practice aims to create vibrant and sustainable projects. With the belief that the spaces we live in, directly impacts the quality of our lives. Our approach creates unique teams tailored for every project. And therefore provides our clients with the best in-class team.

In 2012, Tony Kettle and Colin Bone founded Kettle Collective. The duo set out to create a unique design studio with a focus on collective collaboration. As a result, the company established itself as a multi-award winning international architecture practice. Later opening offices in Dubai, Muscat and Hong Kong.

The architecture studio have local partners around the world. Including partners in Saint Petersburg, Beirut, Saudi Arabia and China.