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Privacy Policy

Kettle Collective’s privacy policy is in accordance with the new data protection laws which comes into effect on the 25 May 2018.

As a client of Kettle Collective, we hold basic information for each client including name and contact details.

Our privacy policy maintains your rights in line with the access and restrictions of your data.
For queries related to the privacy policy please contact:

When we provide services, we want to make them easy, useful and reliable. Where services are delivered on the internet, this sometimes involves placing small amounts of information on your device, for example, computer or mobile phone. These include small files known as cookies. They cannot be used to identify you personally.

These pieces of information are used to improve services for you through, for example:
• enabling a service to recognise your device so you don’t have to give the same information several times during one task.
• measuring how many people are using services, so they can be made easier to use and there’s enough capacity to ensure they are fast.

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Project Credits

Lakhta Centre Phase 1 (RMJM)
Falkirk Wheel (RMJM)
Evolution Tower (RMJM)
The Cutter (RMJM)
Domodedovo Airport, Terminals 2 & 3 (RMJM)

Photography Credits

Thank you to the following photographers for granting permission for use of photography.

Shannon Toft (Various)
Alice Gordon (The Ripple Retreat)
Vladimir Kolesnikov (Lakhta Center)
Viktor Sukharukov (Lakhta Center) – ©Lakhta Center
Jean C. Noble (The Cutter)
David Ross (The Falkirk Wheel)
Stephen Watson (The Falkirk Wheel)
Sean McEwan (Various)