Celine Thery

Associate and Head of Design Management

Celine is an Associate who has been involved in a number of unique projects for Kettle Collective including the Tilal Al Ghaf villas, townhomes and gateway in Dubai, Golf Views apartments in Oman, the masterplan proposals for Mutrah Heights in Oman and New Jeddah Downtown in Saudi Arabia. Celine also worked on the competitions for Xi’an School and Zhuhai Library in China.

Celine has led and managed design teams on projects as per the masterplan proposals for Abha and Qatif in Saudi Arabia, the Phoenicia Hotel extension in Malta and Mosa Trajectum apart-hotel in Spain.

Celine’s main role is design management and she has experience across all aspects of the design process, from the competition stage to the site inspections, with a focus on how a project can evolve from an abstract idea to a built reality while keeping the original approach.

Celine’s experience includes working at practices across Europe including in Malta and France. Celine has also done research into the way the human body reacts to its architectural environment of shapes and developed this concept into the essay “Mathematics in the History of Architecture”.