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Project Description

London, UK

The Prince’s Foundation


Building Type

Interior Design

In 2010 Hyde Park was to be the setting for an enormous festival that would provide a vision of the start of the post-carbon era. Based on the Great Exhibition of 1851 and sponsored by The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment, the festival was to take the form of a temporary town and landscape. Streets and squares would be filled with educational activities and entertainment to fully engage people in sustainable living.

The pavilion was to be the centre of this festival, a structure that pierced the skyline and could be seen from the major gateways and corners of Hyde Park to orient people within the festival. The pavilion was also designed to be the point of departure for a short “symbolic journey” visitors walked along as they were asked to make a commitment to start a new life of low carbon living. The structure therefore marked one end of a spiral path leading to the area where commitments are logged.