Our Services

Our services include architecture, interior, urban and landscape design. In addition, our in-house graphics team “Ink” support our team with graphic and CG skills.

We consider sustainability to be at the heart of every project. Our team of sustainability experts help to make sure we reach our environmental goals set out for each project. The combined expertise of our team produces architecture and designs of the highest quality.

We work on an exchange of ideas, and team up with local experts suited to each project. As a collective, we work with designers, engineers and artists because this provides us with the best team hand picked for each project.

We locate local partners for every project to support the development of our designs. With our main studios in Edinburgh, Dubai and Muscat.


As an architectural design collective, we have a bespoke approach to our projects.

We are passionate about architectural design and meeting client goals. It is for this reason, that we commit to producing stunning and healthy buildings.
Our team work with our clients to design our projects in response to their local context. As a result, we research and explore new technologies and use innovative solutions in our designs. This fulfils the needs of the end-users and adds sustainable value.


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Interior Design

Our interior designers and architects work closely to produce comprehensive building designs. This adds value to each project, through stunning and distinctive designs.

Coordinated interior concepts are key to creating comprehensive design solutions. Our designers are able to produce interiors sensitive to the architectural vision, while adding value with independently stunning and distinctive design.


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Landscape Architecture

Landscape design is dynamic and continually evolves.

Our creative and engaging designs translate this into effective landscapes that enhance their locations. Our designs reflect the style and needs of our clients.


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Urban Design & Masterplanning

Kettle Collective’s experience of urban design and masterplanning has given our team a valuable insight into the way our built environment influences us.

Our team considers health, work and lifestyle in addition to a large range of other factors when designing innovative community solutions. Consequently positive outdoor spaces in sustainable neighbourhoods are an essential consideration of our designs.


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Our in-house visualisation and graphics team, ink, specialises in CGI (computer generated imagery) and graphic design.

To bring our projects to life, our ink team produce 3D rendered models of our projects. This allows us to provide our clients with animations and immersive VR experiences to convey our designs.
Our team use their knowledge of our clients and their audiences, to develop unique strategies to define their brands. Working together, our CG artists and graphic designers can offer imagery for our clients across all forms of media.


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Sustainable Design

We believe we have a responsibility as stewards of the environment, and we embrace this responsibility at the core of how we conduct our business.

At Kettle Collective, sustainable design is at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that we impact the environment both locally in how we operate as a company, and more significantly how the buildings that we design respond to and function within the environment globally. In our day to day business operations we look to minimise our negative impact through responsible practices such as recycling and energy reduction strategies.

Find out more about sustainable design here.


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