We believe we have a responsibility as stewards of the environment, and we embrace this responsibility at the core of how we conduct our business.

At Kettle Collective, sustainable design is at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that we impact the environment both locally in how we operate as a company, and more significantly how the buildings that we design respond to and function within the environment globally. In our day to day business operations we look to minimise our negative impact through responsible practices such as recycling and energy reduction strategies.

Find out more about our sustainability projects here.

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Sustainable Design

As our projects are commissioned around the world, we actively research different regional climates and design strategies. We work with all our clients from the outset of each project by discussing their environmental objectives and make them aware of the merits of incorporating and emphasising the sustainable aspects of their buildings.


Innovative Thinking

We are a multi-disciplinary studio with a collaborative culture that nurtures innovation. As a collective, we strive to use ground-breaking solutions at every stage of the design process to ensure that we deliver beautiful, bespoke, environmentally conscious spaces. A selection of recent sustainable projects can be viewed here.


Innovative Thinking


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Ekco has been developed to provide sustainable design guidance for all Kettle Collective employees, and to ensure that environmental concerns are at the heart of every project. Ekco advisors are professionals in each Kettle Collective office specialising in environmental design. Their key role is to act as facilitators to the environmental design process and to compliment the involvement of cutting edge environmental/building services engineers.



Training & Research

Kettle Collective strive to enhance our staff knowledge through training of LEED and BREEAM and research into sustainable materials, design strategies and technologies. We have in-house LEED and BREEAM Specialist Associates who focuses on the implementation of LEED and BREEAM throughout all projects.


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Anthony Tappe

Sustainable Design Contact / ekco leader

Anthony Tappe
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